Web site design and development

With Net craft reporting an excess of 649 million websites live in the world today, and an estimated 30 million being added to that total every year, web pages are appearing thick and fast throughout the internet and the pressure to stand out as an individual can be daunting.

At Copycat, we understand that your website is the first interaction many visiting investors will have experienced with your business. Simply put, through browsing your website, they will decide there and then whether they will do business with you; it is therefore indispensable for providing browsers a fair and attractive perspective on your company.

We offer professional web design to secure the best possible user experience. Eye-catching, fresh, aesthetically pleasing, browser friendly, accessible, easy to navigate, Copycat will aim to secure a regular browser base by marrying client vision with our design expertise towards a successful solution. When it comes to building websites, we have many years industry experience and inside knowledge in creating web pages to spotlight your business. Understanding that your online presence directly reflects the openness of your business, we strive toward accessible simplicity in our design and execution, eliminate whatever bugs or glitches that may come our way and deliver the scalability necessary to grow.

We avoid templates, previously released designs, outsourcing and other ‘old-hat’ tricks in our design but instead, using our artistic and commercial sensibilities, create stunning unique visual displays that showcase your business in the best light and guarantee your website is 100% bespoke.

We are known for our standard of perfection, affordable prices and customer service that is second to none; we will listen, offer solutions, create, develop, proof-test, provide on-going service and work in unison with you to a site that illustrates your business values and brand appeal.

Web development

Your client base want a website that offers a clear, easy-to-operate, navigation of your goods and services and features uniquely personalized to your business. Our web development team is highly qualified to fashion dependable platforms and create using the latest advanced software solutions. From our combined years bespoke programmer practice experimenting in the translation from idea to function, our coding services are ranged and accommodating: content management systems, billing, collaboration tools, Copycat will give you a website that compliments your business and provides your customers with a slick and immersing experience into your online shop window.

Through our specialized expertise, we implement comprehensive and secure E-Commerce Web Solutions, Online CRM Systems, Content Management Systems and Stock Control Systems to list only a few examples in what we can bring to your project. With our famous attention to detail and unique operating format, Copycat guarantee your website will be developed with state of the art software and our cutting-edge environments to meet with increasing internet trafficking demands. We are able to provide custom web development so that your website works exactly as you imagined – There is no issue beyond our capabilities.

Here we provide a brief synopsis of our developmental work which we undertake on a regular basis:

  • Implementing Custom CMS / CRM / E-Commerce Systems.
  • Migration of website features from varying platforms.
  • Developing complimentary features such as blogs, forums and user areas on your website.
  • Live Chat functionality.
  • Creating Databases for products, users or orders.

We have the in-house capacity to build or upgrade your web infrastructure to meet the scalability demands of your business and troubleshoot any potential issues along the way. We pride ourselves on using Copycat developers and refuse to outsource to third parties because we value quality above any other aspect of service. As such, we can make sure the development standard is second to none and oversee the entirety of every project.
In addition to developing your website, Copycat will synchronise it with our SEO software to proof check your website is readable by Search Engines without errors.